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Aamir khan body transformation in dangal

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Aamir khan body transformation in dangal

Aamir khan really he doing hard work for dangal movie for (Fat To Fit)  Script order and also Aamir khan well trained for this script (Fat To Fit). In dangal movie director suggestion for Aamir khan should slim or fit to for dangal  first session, next session will be fat till ending of movie, but ‘Aamir khanrefused director suggestion.amer khan body transformation dangal.


amer khan body transformation dangal

Aamir khan body transformation in dangal :

Why Aamir Khan refused Director Suggestion :

Aamir khan Refused Director Suggestion Because of Aamir khan thought was if he complete

his first shoot suggestion of director he can’t  be losses his weight  for some days of completing film shoot

there is no need to workout for some day because movie promotions and all work ahead for us so we can’t do even hard work to losses  my body weight and its take lot of time to do so Aamir khan  refused and change the whole film shoot and they starts with Aamir khan fat session and they shoot well and successes in that  after that  Aamir khan second session will be complete.



Aamir khan body transformation in dangal


amer khan body transformation dangal

How much Aamir khan Gain and Losses his weight in Dangal Movie    :


Here all details of Aamir khans “Weight losses and Gain of Weight‘, Aamir khan firstly shoot his fat body portion in that portion Aamir khan gain his weight he eat, drink like whatever he want he do all the things and eat fat, oiled contain foods. and he “Gain” his body weight” up to “97 Kg” in that portion.


amer khan body transformation dangal

Aamir khan losses his Body & when he complete his first session of fat body portion after that losses of body is like one challenge to him because he have to ‘loss his 37 kg” body fat he doing really hard work for losses his fat.

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