Top 10 food for diabetes control

top 10 food diabetes control
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First of all, we need to known about..what do u mean by diabetes? Diabetes is the diseases which increase the sugar level in blood. A normal person must not exceed the limit of 160mg/dl and causes many other diseases which cause death due to a failure of kidneys etc. top 10 food diabetes control hence we need to control this diseases we required some health food to control so lets began one by one which is listed below.


top 10 food diabetes control

Oatmeal is very good at fiber and high in all grains and it is safe and good to diabetes person. oatmeal is the one of the power packed food to diabetics which have necessary fiber and oil and no fat.which is best for the diabetes person.


top 10 food diabetes control

Fish is also a good food to control diabetes. It contains many carbohydrates and eating fish with green vegetables is very good for health and necessary to control.

3.Nonfat yogurt

top 10 food diabetes control

Yogurt is also good it contains protein and carbohydrates.which remedy to restrict the growth of sugar level in the blood. yogurt contain less fat and more protein.


top 10 food diabetes control

Almonds are good at calcium and magnesium and have necessary fat which helps to reduce sugar level in blood and control glucose in the body. Eating handful of almonds give a lot of good to diabetics and keep glucose level normal.

5.Non-starchy vegetables

top 10 food diabetes control

Nonstarchy vegetables like mushroom and pepper which are good vitamins and protein container vegetables. which to absorb the excess of sugar in the blood and reduce diabetes.and its helpful for those people who wanted to lose their weights.

6.Wild salmon

top 10 food diabetes control

Wild salmon is very rich of containing omega-3s which prevent from  a heart attack as its directly associated with diabetes. salmon has very necessary fat and protein which help in control of sugar.

7.Egg white

top 10 food diabetes control

Egg white is the layer of the egg in which it has two layer yellow and white but you all loves yellow one.but if you are diabetic patient you need to take the white egg as special which contain fewer carbohydrates and high protein which reduces the sugar level.


top 10 food diabetes control

Beans are the best grains or food recommended to the diabetics patient because they are known as the storehouse of protein and fewer is good for the people who are looking for risk of diabetes.

9.Bitter gourd

top 10 food diabetes control


Bitter gourd juice is loaded as the anti-sugar is the most trusted juice to drink if you’re a diabetics patient it is protein rich and vitamin C and calcium take it if you are a patient of diabetes.


top 10 food diabetes control

Whether eaten raw or cooked, tomatoes are full of lycopene. This a powerful substance that may reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, and macular degeneration.Like other non-starchy fruits, tomatoes have a low GI ranking. One study found that 200 grams of raw each day reduced blood pressure. Researchers concluded tomato consumption might help reduce the cardiovascular risk that’s associated with type 2 diabetes.


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