5 Fun Unique Team Building Activities For Work

5 Fun And Unique Team Building Activities For Work

When things start to get rough in the office, it’s time for you to begin planning a fun team activity to spice things up in the office. These activities are usually the best way to encourage bonding with your team members. It can also reduce the stress felt by everyone at work. 

Team building activities for work also allow everyone to get to know each other better and develop a trusting environment in the office. If you are running out of fun and unique ideas for your next team activities, here are some options that you can explore. 


Your next team building activity may turn out into a yummy experience by dividing yourselves into smaller groups to join a cooking competition. The teams may work on their dish in someone’s kitchen, or you can ask them to whip up a no-cook meal in your office pantry. The challenge is to create a new recipe using one main ingredient. Everyone needs to make sure that the ingredient stands out in the dish. Then ask everyone to judge which dish tastes better to declare a winner. 

Board Game Competition

Team building activities do not have to be outside the office. You can wake up your colleagues’ competitive nature by organizing board game contests within your building. If you have a large team, you can pick out a single game and let people sign up for a specific time slot when they can leave their work to join the games. The winners for each game will move on to the next round and challenge the other winners. Then the ultimate winner will be declared as the champion. Encourage everyone to do their best by providing prizes for all the winners.  

Quiz Nights

You can bring the popular trivia nights inside your office by holding your office quiz night. This activity is an ideal way to gather a large group of people together and stimulate their brains in different fields no longer connected to their usual tasks. You can break the group into smaller units comprised of members from various departments. You can create your series of questions or ask another group who does not plan to participate in the game to come up with the trivia. To encourage them to do their best, you need to provide prices for those who can score the most number of points. 

Karaoke Night

Let your colleagues loosen up and break out of their shells by setting up a karaoke system in the office. You can even have a contest for the best individual or group karaoke performance. You can also give bonus points for those who will use additional props during their performance. This activity will allow everyone to have fun by belting their hearts out.  

Go-Kart Racing

Take everyone out of the office for some bonding activities at the racetrack. By setting up an adrenaline-pumping event such as kart racing, you will encourage employees to interact with each other in a different but fun way. Just make sure that everyone will follow the safety instructions to prevent any unwanted accidents. 

These are just a few of the most unique and exciting team building activities for work that you can arrange for your company. All these activities can help you take a few moments off from your usual grind to have fun with your colleagues. It will also create a happier and more positive ambiance in the office.  

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