7 Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Background Check Service Software for Your Business

7 Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Background Check Service Software for Your Business

Hiring new employees is part of your company’s colossal decision and may cost you a lot of money and reputation if not done appropriately. To make sure you hire the best candidates, running a background check should be part of your endeavors. 

 A background check service provider offers companies vital pre-employment screening solutions to verify the integrity of an applicant’s background. A background check software helps companies streamline employment screening by processing and managing gathered data throughout the process. This solution usually performs the verification of identity, criminal records, education and employment history, credit history, as well as professional licenses. 

There are many background check software available in the market catering to all sizes of businesses. And every software offers distinct services and functionality to meet your business demands. 

To ensure that your business chooses the right solutions, here are seven essential factors you need to consider before hiring one.

Compliance and accreditation

The Fair Credit Reporting Act controls and regulates information employers are entitled to pull up. Information concerning a candidate and what they are allowed to do with such details are stipulated within the guidelines.

In recent years, a lot of lawsuits are filed against employers due to FCRA violations. Hence, before purchasing a background check software, employers need to make sure that the tool is FCRA-compliant. Choosing software with accreditation from the National Association of Professional Background Screeners are also highly recommended as these companies must stick to strict regulations.

Some background checkers, however, may not be compliant by themselves. Instead, they offer integrations or work with third parties that are legally compliant.

Screening and checks available

Another crucial trait to look for in a background check service software is the checks and screening options it offers. Employers should select a servicing tool that can conduct multiple types of background screening they need. This should include supplemental searches, such as drug testing.


Hiring new employees based on false information is the worse thing any employer would want to avoid. So make sure that the software provides clear, accurate, and complete information.

Turnaround time

Time efficiency is a crucial element for businesses operating within tight schedules. Hence, choosing a background check service that offers a quick turnaround time is an essential factor to consider. Some software and service agencies state their turnaround times online.


Choosing a service tool that offers customization might not be an essential factor to consider for some businesses, primarily if the software provider offers a bundled plan. This feature can be quite crucial for companies that require a different background screen or advanced checks, such as healthcare investigations.


One of the deciding factors before acquiring a background check facility is the cost associated with the solution and the budget available to the company. This total expenses also include the extra fees that the company may be charged for added services.

Customer support

Background check service providers typically provide customer support via phone, live chat, and email. Pick a service provider that is proven to have excellent customer support and offers the preferred method of support.

Pre-employment screening is crucial to ensure that your company hires the best employee possible. The success of a pre-employment screening depends significantly on all the above factors concerning the background check agencies.

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