how to apply for life insurance and best life insurance company

how to apply for life insurance, best life insurance company

Insurance that pays out a sum of money either on the death of the insured person or after a set period. insurance is one choice to protect your family after the death. today i am telling about how to apply for life insurance, best life insurance company.

Best life insurance company in India

1) HDFC life click 2inest.

2) Aegon life insurance.

3) Lic new Jeevan Anand.

4) sbi life Subha nivish.

5)Lic new Jeevan Nidhi.

6) Bajaj Allianz cash secure.

7) ICICI  Prudential wealth builder.

This is top indian best life insurance company in India. Insurance policy are legal contract
And terms of the contract describe the limitations on the insurer events specify exclusion are often written into the contract to limit the liability of the insure common examples relating suicide , fraud,war,riot,and civil commotion.
Insurance is one the Best choice to investment to money.

What are the terms and conditions.


1) take your medical history , including medical conditions and surgery and any prescription medications.

2) ask about your immediate family medical history.

3)take ur blood pressure.

4) listen to your heartbeat.

5) check ur height and Wight.

6) draw a blood sample.

7) get a urine sample.

8) financial information, annual income, and net worth.

9) ask about the date of birth.

10) asking lifestyle habits. Just like drinking, smoking.

How to apply for life insurance

       Apply all terms and conditions after the underwriter at the insurance company will review your application and medical exam results, and  the order medical records from your physician to learn more any medical condition you may have and any treatment received. This information helps the determine what risk you represent to the company financially and how much to charge you for coverage.

1) initially calculate the exact amount of insurance that you need.

2) Decide which product suits you best based on your life stage and need.

3) calculate the premium that you need to pay on the basis of the product that you have decided to buy.

4) once you have decided to all parameters , get in touch with advisor to any of the insurance company that s u choice

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