Best WordPress Forum for Bloggers – Seven Websites Compared

Forums are of extreme importance when it comes to building a community for your niche blog where people connect to each other and discuss topics that interest them.

A forum will encourage community building, conversation logging, and easy integrations. There are numerous forums for WordPress to choose from that are quite easy to integrate.

Some of the most popular forums are easy to create and manage as well. Keeping visitors in your site is difficult as it is, but with a forum, you will gain the high reader retention rate you need to sell your products or services.

Here are the 7 best WordPress Forums for bloggers we gathered based on features, set up process and management. Some are lightweight and geared towards smaller blogs while others are robust enough to handle large websites. Here is an in-depth comparison on how they stand out from each other.

1. bbPress

bbPress is hands down one of the best WordPress forums in the market when it comes to integrating a forum into your blog. It is well known for its ease of use, speed, and standards.

The thing is, bbPress is lightweight with an unbloated interface and basic customization tools. bbPress is not exactly going to blow your mind, but it works perfectly alright and that’s what you are after.

Better than that, it is absolutely free with an open source, which means you’ll get constant updates. It features extensions and themes to choose from as well.
You can start any kind of topics depending on the type of blog and it could be anything from farming, technology or even a guide to lenders for people looking for loans.

2. BuddyPress

Most people confuse BuddyPress with bbPress, but they are pretty similar and they are very popular in most online communities. BuddyPress is quite different from bbPress though.

With BuddyPress, you can easily make a social network or a community that allows your users to create profiles, send private messages and even join groups. The interface allows people to make friendship requests and special groups for companies, friends, schools, or sports teams.

BuddyPress is also free, open source, easy to launch and very easy to navigate. The most surprising thing about BuddyPress is that you can combine it with bbPress to offer your customers a forum and a social place to build relationships.

What’s even more interesting about this interface is that it’s been translated to several languages and you’ll get WordPress org support.

3. DW Question and Answer

There are many WordPress plugins you can integrate into your blog, but a great forum is simply a must-have. If you envision a forum that leans more towards websites like Quora and Yahoo Answers, this WordPress plugin may be suitable for you.

It’s formulated in a way people engage by answering given questions, but it still passes as a forum, full on with conversations and threads. The interface also features a voting system so all the upvoted answers always appear at the top.

This is a plus given the fact that most forums have a huge list of the conversations. This means you’ll have quality at the top since the trolls and low-quality answers always remain at the bottom.

You’ll be glad to know that DW Question and Answer is just as free with an open source as the previous plugins. You’ll get free plugins, tons of languages, shortcodes, beautiful themes, and notifications, all of which come as a really nice surprise.

4. Asgaros Forum

This is an incredibly good WordPress plugin choice for bloggers looking to have lightweight forum pages. All you have to do is insert a shortcode to any page you desire, which will keep things fast and easy for you. The structure may be simple, but it’s very powerful.

Your users will have the ability to create profiles, complete uploads, and send messages. This is another free plugin, but it features a donation button for people who want to contribute to the site. It is multisite compatible and comes with a mobile theme integrated for mobile device users.

Guest posting is allowed and you have an option of turning it off, but this could be a lucrative venture. You want a blog that earns you real money, right?

5. Cinnamon Boards

Cinnamon boards is an incredible WordPress plugin forum, but it comes with a price. Regardless of how small it, you may have to pay a minimum of $20 or more. One of the best parts about this plugin is that it is responsive to all devices. It comes with sleek features that include threads, topics, categories, and messages.

You’ll also like how well it integrates with WordPress and all you need to do is activate the plugin and begin. However, you will still need to create your topics and categories, but you can do that as you go. This could make a good web developers forum.

6. CM Answers

Starting a blog may be very easy, but integrating some plugs can be a headache. This is why you need simple plugins like this CM answers forum. It is quite similar to the DW Question and Answer, which allows you to create insightful Q&As discussions.

It comes with a basic free plugin that integrates the right features for a quick set-up. Your users will have the ability to post their own questions, answer any questions they choose, vote the best answers, send private messages, and upload files.

As the administrator, you will have the power to customize all the questions and answers, filter any content you don’t like, and manage your users. You can get more features that allow anonymous payments and posts, but you need to purchase plugin add-ons.

7. Wpforo Forum

wpForum is another free WordPress plugin that features numerous customization and design features. You will have as many as 3 design layouts for your forum, which are Simplified, Extended, and Q&A. Each different layout comes with unique features and you get up to 6 sets of color styles.

Your users can contribute, get support, vote, subscribe and give answers. It’s free with a paid version and you can integrate it with BuddyPress for social media networking.

On the downside, you get very basic features on the free version and setting up can be complicated for first-time users

Use the Best WORDPRESS Forum for Maximum Benefit

There are many forum plugins in the market, but these are some of the best ones for WordPress lovers. Most of them are absolutely free, and the paid versions are not only affordable, but they come with tons of features.

If you would like to know more about the best WordPress forums for your blog, check out our site or contact us.

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