Best Writing Styles: 5 Ways To Develop Your Personal Writing Style 2018

Having a unique writing style is something of a mystery. You may hear a lot about a writing style and it’s because people have developed a unique way of expressing themselves.

You can now read and listen to a few lines of text and immediately recognize the author is Shakespeare.

But, it’s often difficult to make an impact especially when you’re starting out. This includes how to structure your writing and include the qualities that make your work look original and innovative.

So what is it that gives great writers a unique and recognizable style?

The answer to this may be based on some factors including help from research paper writing service, but one thing that is consistent is a unique writing style that makes their writing valuable.

Here is how to develop Best Writing Styles.

Best Writing Styles

1) Read

It’s obvious that reading is helpful for developing your speech and writing style. It doesn’t mean that if you major in finance, you must stick to reading books related to that discipline.

Read broadly from magazines to classic literature including poems and online content. This is a good way to increase your level of learning to improve your writing.

2) Write

You become better in writing by getting into it. Use different genres such as nonfiction and poetry to learn the basics. The more attempts you make, the better you become at writing unique pieces.

Again, don’t worry about whether what you’re writing is good or bad, just focus on doing what you love and soon you’ll grow and become the best.

3) Express Yourself on the Paper Naturally

There is no need to strive to sound more intelligent when starting out. Stick to the simple words you use in real life. If you misuse these words, it may sound awkward and you may end up missing the point. Express your thoughts and opinions naturally and follow the style.

4) Avoid Using Clichés

When it comes to writing, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of using clichés, especially when in doubt. If you find yourself copying the storyline of a certain book or your author’s writing style, it can hinder you from developing something original.

So, how do you avoid clichés in your writing? Research shows that practicing sincerity can help get rid of the habit. Your story should be something you can tell and connect with.

5) Use simple language

The English language consists of over 250, 000 words with a list of synonyms according to Oxford. For this reason, it’s important to make the right choice of the commonly used words with a definite meaning.

Trying to substitute a word with a synonym will only make it sound strange and unnatural.

A good writer understands how to use simple and easy-to-understand words with a broader meaning not to get into a trap of complexity. It is important to seek what professional do and seek guidance then try to apply it in your writing.


Over to you now.

Being a writer requires you to make hard choices about the use of things like figurative language. Think about the style you intend to use including some basic terms such as simile, metaphors, and irony.

Knowing the right tools to use and guidelines to follow will help you develop an exceptional writing style that stands out from everyone else.


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