Bluetooth 5 is here, offering a high speed and range for devices

bluetooth 5 features release news

Bluetooth 5 features release news

Bluetooth electronics with a power-efficient way to communicate with each other over a short range wireless standard is the best. smartwatches wireless speakers and circumstances (IOT) of the Internet for products like smart locks everything relies on this standard. The previous version of the standard Bluetooth 4.2, which was released in 2014.

Today, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) that manages the standard, Bluetooth with 5 as the next version is out. Six months ago we signed 2x 4x faster speed and better range than the previous version with features like Bluetooth 5 had heard touting.

Today’s announcement shows that the group has managed to actually deliver on those claims. Bluetooth broadcast message from 5 to 8 times better efficiency and higher bandwidth up to 2 Mbps increase. Another interesting thing to note is that the two times faster bandwidth and lower power mode when working, which is the case with the accessory equipment is four times the limit.

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Products like the Apple Watch or Android smartwatches, to be constantly connected to the phone to operate surely will benefit from these improvements need to wear. IOT also increasing the standard is intended to improve the functioning of the equipment.

The new standard, still operating on the popular 2.4GHz frequency to minimize interference as the connected devices over the years since the majority of the population has been increasing. As expected, Bluetooth 4.2 and below 5, which means all existing Bluetooth devices will continue to work normally is backward compatible with previous generations of Bluetooth.

Bluetooth SIG, Apple, Microsoft, and more than 30,000 members, including giants like Samsung, which are compatible with 5 shows that Bluetooth devices will be on sale in two to six months. Therefore, it is important that at least since the middle of 2017 should support this new standard has been introduced products may be safe to assume.

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