Meet Bonk Be Live, The Ultimate Social Broadcasting Application In The World


The generations Y and Z have been raised with tech in their hands, and they have always tried to find a way to connect with one another. Bonk Be Live is a social broadcasting tool designed to offer customers a tremendous, unique approach towards the world of social media and broadcasting as a whole. The company has already worked with more than 26 different Silicon Valley tech companies that consider it to be the next big player in the live streaming market.


What makes Bonk Be Live stand out?


There are numerous reasons why Bonk Be Live is a very good tool for younger generations. It’s trendy because it allows the youth to share important moments in their life with anyone they want. Moreover, Bonk Be Live comes with a wonderful earnings system that will help you monetize your entire experience in a very distinct and unique manner.


And since Bonk Be Live has gamification features, it does tend to bring in front some very distinct methods designed to offer more value to the customers and an improved engagement rate. Bonk Be Live is also designed as a social tool, but it also integrates artificial intelligence, and it has a focus on the Internet of Things. Thanks to this technology, there is no need for a human to human or even human to computer interaction. Everything is handled adequately, and it helps Bonk Be Live make a tremendous live streaming platform. It has an equal focus on audio and video, all while trying to provide you with the means to take everything to new heights and bringing in a new perspective into the mix.


Bonk Be Live also integrates AR and 3D features, which makes it breach the boundaries of regular live streaming. It just makes user interaction more interesting and distinct. Plus, it’s increasingly improved thanks to the power of AR and other technologies. Not only that, but Bok also has the I magically partnership, which helps it gain exposure to around 30 million users and lots of capital needed to expand the business. So, Bonk Be Live is ready to expand and reach new levels!

Can you make money with Bonk Be Live?


We created Bonk Be Live in such a way so you can monetize your streams while also making them as fun as you can. You can add filters and other cool stuff, but you can also add inside app games that can help you earn diamonds and coins. The withdraw method is very simple, and it does provide you with all the features that you may need quickly and without that much of an effort.

Thanks to Bonk Be Live, users can share music, stream content, connect with friends, send messages, video and so on. This is a complete live streaming platform that makes the entire process quick, efficient and seamlessly. And you can even offer more free content and features like stickers, draw or AR support. It works very well, and it just makes the experience a lot more rewarding than ever before.

Bonk Be Live’s interface has been developed from scratch to offer a very good attention to detail and the necessary value to all customers. The platform has useful emoji, stickers, and GIFs. There are also louder and brighter colors, bold typography and many other similar features.

You can access features like Play, Search, Viewing, Ranking and so on from the main screen. You can also choose to Go Live and add a variety of hashtags. This will make your stream easier to find, not to mention that you are free to share your stream on a variety of social accounts.

If you always wanted to take your live streaming to the next level, Bonk Be Live is the right way to do it. This one of a kind platform is astonishing, it looks great, and it delivers the streaming functionality it always wanted! You can download it from Google PlayStore and iTunes!

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