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Canara Credit Card Most Important Terms and Condition

canara credit card most important terms and condition

Canara Credit Card Most Important Terms


Condition :

Most Important Terms Condition (MITC) for Canara Credit Card

Canara Credit Cards 10 Condition with it here we are Explainig about that Terms

  1. Fees And Charges :
  1. Finanace charges for both revolving credit and cash advance :
  2. overdue interest/Default chagres :
  3. Billing :
  4. Contact particular of call centres of card issuer :
  5. Grievance redressal escalation – contact particulars of officers to be contacted:
  6. Default and Circumstances:
  7. Termination / Revocation of Card Membership:
  8. Loss of Card:
  9. Disclosure :


canara credit card most important terms and condition

canara credit card most important terms and condition

Fees And Charges :

a. Enrolment Fee & Annual Fee  :

Enrolment Fee & Annual Fee will be collected in advance at the beginning of card year. While Annual fee will be collected every yearin advance at the beginning of tha card year, the enrollment fee is a one time offer under which our canara credit card/s has been issued to the cardholders . Enrollment fee and Annual Fess is Collected on the add on cards also.

This fee is charged to the principal  cardholders credit card account and same would be reflacted inthe monthly credit card statement of the mounth inwhich it is charged. No refund of fees will be avilable if the cards is terminated. Current chagrges are mentioned inthe tariff sheet.


b. Cash Withdrwal Fee :

Canar Credit card holder/s are permited to draw cash at ATMsupto stipulated cash withdrwal limit. Cash withdrwal charges as per the tariff card would be charged on all such transactions and billed to the Principal Cardholder in the monthly statement .

The fee is subject to change and at the discretion of the Bank. Use of other Bank’s ATMs attract extra charged levied by them.

canara credit card most important terms and condition

c. Card Inactivily Fee :

this fee is applicable only when the card turnover is below a minimum stipulated amount during a card year. this fee is applicable for both primary and add-on card/s.

These fees, including fees for any ass on cardholder/s as applicable, are charged to the Principal cardholder credit card account on completion of each card year and will be reflacted in the monthly credit card statements of the month in which it is charged.


d.Service Charges :

Fees and charges, as may be applicable from time to time, are payable by cardholder/s for specific services provided to the cardholder of for defaults by the cardholder with referance account . tariff structure is subject to change from time to time at the sole discretion of canara Bank, with due intimation  to the card holder.

Such charges, other than changes in rate of interest will be made with prospective effect giving n0tice of at least 30 days.


canara credit card most important terms and condition

Remaining connditions are  in other post please read those also and soon we will updates all condition one by one below here we give a link

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