How to Check Reliance Jio Balance

Check Reliance Jio Balance

Jio being a paid service since April 15, many of the people who read this have probably received a prepaid recharge made for now. If you are reading this after April 15, you may want to know what your balance is.

Of course, all calls are free at Reliance Jio, so your balance will be used to pay for your chosen data plan and, of course, excessive data consumption.

If you are a Jio Prime user or not, checking your balance is going to be important, and according to the Jio website, there are two ways to check your balance – but both require Internet access.

We have tried both to make sure they are working properly and had no problems. Here are the steps you must follow to check your balance.


How To Check reliance jio balance On your phone.


Checking your balance on your phone is a very simple process, it will not take a minute to do.

  1. Start the MyJio application on your phone connected to Jio
  2. Tap Open next to MyJio to enter the application
  3. Tap Sign in ** and enter your username (phone number) and password, or tap Sign in with SIM
  4. Scroll to the menu by sliding from the left or touch the three-line menu button.
  5. Tap My Plans

That’s. This screen will show you the details of your balance and validity, including the amount of prepaid data, Wi-Fi data and SMS calls you can make.


How To Check reliance jio balance On your computer


In case you can not find it on your Jio phone, maybe your data does not work and you want to check for balance, the process is just as simple.

  1. Visit
  2. Log in with your phone number and password
  3. Click My Plans to see your balance and other details

That’s all about it. Jio has confirmed that he currently has no USSD or SMS functionality, so he will need to be online on his phone or PC to check his prepaid balance.

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