How To Earn Money From Google Without Investment

Facing Money problem?  You don’t have money to start your own business Then Here is the right way to earn money from Google without any investment.

Now you are thinking I am crazy!

ya, its possible I am making money from it why you can’t? 

In This article, I am going to teach you step by step process by which you can start making money online without any investment.

Many Of people said me that’s impossible to earn money from the internet,  it can take more time to build your online business and developing website or blog.  

Earn money from google

I just ignored what others are saying and just walked on the way which I have decided.

You just need a goal before starting The blogging journey. One Goal And Right Path Will Make You Success In short Period Of Time. As per my experience.

Sandeep Maheshwari Sayed “sabse bada rog kya kahenge log” 

Earn money from google

So I am going to share my personal experience how I have started earning money from internet.

Everyone is wasting their time on the internet using social networking sites watching videos etc.

Why you can’t invest that time to make money because time is equal to money.

Survival in this world is very difficult if you don’t have a job or you left the job and facing money problem. For All These problems there is one & only solution that is money.

To make money fast then the internet is best option to start your business. You don’t need huge investment to start your business.

There are many ways to make money online but Today I am going to share only one way that makes money that is Google.

One of the easy ways to make money is using Google is Google’s ad network that is Google Adsense & Google Admob.

Google Adsense is used for Blogger and YouTuber many of blogger making more than Lakhs per month with Google Adsense.

Google Admob is used for Android application you can make money with making your own Android app.

How To Earn Money From Google

To make money you need your blog/ Website or android app

If you don’t know to create your own website check out your previous post

I suggest to some invest some money and get your domain

You can get a domain for less than 150 rupees from Godaddy. If you need you can use which is Free service By Google. Or Free services by WordPress.

Where you get a there own extension to end of your domain name.



That’s different between Paid and Free Domain. I suggest you go with your own domain name you can buy easily from Godaddy.

After creating your website it’s time to add some post you need to add minimum 30 posts as per my experiment To get approved by Google AdSense.

How To Apply For Google AdSense

STEP: 1 First, go to the signup page for Adsense. By clicking here Sign Up Page For Adsense.

  • Then you get landed on the Adsense signup page which looks like this

earn money from google

  • First, enter your Website or blog name without HTTP or https
  • Second, enter your email address by which you want to create your Adsense account
  • If you want a daily update from Google Adsense team then click Yes else No
  • Click on save and continue button for Next step.

Now moving to next step

STEP: 2 If you have already login to your email it will take automatic, If you have not logged in then you need to type your password to log in.

  • If you want to change your email you can change here after that select your country drop-down menu. I am from India I selected India.
  • If you want to read all the terms and condition you can then click on the checkbox click on the create account Button.

STEP: 3 Once you have completed that it’s time to fill payment address details. Fill your all detail genuinely and click on the submit button.

earn money from google

  • Once you have completed, Google Adsense team send you confirmation that your website is suitable for Adsense or not.
  • If you adsense is accepted then that’s good news for you. I don’t get unmotivated Adsense team will send you the reason why your blog or site do not comfortable for Adsense follow the instruction and make sure you need to update your blog as the Google says.
  • After that Reapply for adsense for once again.

This is one way to earn money from google there are many ways to earn from the internet to know more about how to make money online just stay tuned with

Lets Me know About today’s article and if you have any doubt or question feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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