How to avoid excessive masturbution and causes of side effect

avoid excessive masturbution causes side effect

How to avoid excessive masturbation and causes of side effect


Firstly we discuss what masturbation and its meaning..?? ¬†Masturbation is the physical activity performed by both men’s and women with their sexual private organs due to pleasure and for relaxation of the stress is known as masturbation. To avoid excessive masturbution causes side effect


steps to avoid excessive masturbution causes side effect


1.Use a Rubber Band

You are shocked by listening that what rubber band does..?? Tie a rubber band to the wrist of the hands which causes the strong stimulus by which you think of less masturbation.

  1. Distraction

If your mind thinks of masturbation then divert your mind by doing other activities like reading books,playing,and go to movies with a friend to avoid this way you can distract your mind by this wasteful activity.

  1. Therapy

If you are not able to keep yourself without masturbation.then go to a doctor for regarding reason.Don’t be afeared of saying to the therapist. they also provide a supportive environment for open communication.

  1. Help from loved ones

If you feel shame to say to a doctor or a therapist .Then say to your to your loved one or your love partner about your habit.By which it can be solved out by their advice.

  1. Replace that pleasure with a different one

If you want to remove your pleasure by masturbation then find other pleasurable activities that bring you joy. And an enjoyable hobby that requires your full afford. For example, take a class for your hobby.

  1. Jogging

By doing jogging your mind will be fresh and you’re involved in good activities.And you get in contact with the other friends and listening to the heartbeat of inhaling the breath.Masturbation will have no place in the forefront of your mind. Eventually, you may be able to overcome your addiction.

  1. Yoga

Yoga is a relaxing activity. It requires you to concentrate on the breath you inhale.And you’re focused on the mind which can avoid masturbation.

  1. Get Rid of Sex Toys

As you see in pornography that the pornstar use the sex toys to masturbation.If you want to get off from masturbation then keep the sex toys out of you.By seeing which you get into the bad habit.If you don’t have sex toys then you will not be a comfort for masturbation then you will not masturbate.

9.Avoid Watching Pornography

Stop watching pornography.If you’re addicted to watching porn on your personal computer or laptop then put a security for the unlicensed website and restrict the dirty website and don’t be alone with your laptop which causes to divert your mind for masturbation.Be with all in which everybody can watch on their laptop.

10.Get Into Comedy Television

If you want to distract from masturbation.Then involve in other activities like watching TV serial and like funny TV serial like The Kapil Sharma show which can divert your mind from masturbation.And makes funny mind by which you forget of masturbation.


Causes of  side effect due to excessive masturbation :

1.Leakage of sperm automatically without erection
2.loss hair or hair loss
3.Weak memory
5.lower back pain
6.Weak reproduction of sperm takes place..etc…



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