How to crack wifi password in android

 How to crack wifi password in android

Want to be a hacker and shock your friend’s don’t worry you can make shock your friend with this simple trick.

Here I am not showing about the complete guide of hacking but I can explain some about that.

what is hacking?

Hacking means indexing the weakness in the computer system or network or cracking the system to gain access.

There are many ways to crack the system and gain access to there to know more about hacking check out this post what is ethical hacking and hacking.

Today you will learn about wifi hacking, hacking wifi is not an easy task you great tool like Kail Linux. How don’t have Kali Linux don’t worry here are some android application which helps you to crack the wifi.

let’s go deeper to that.


how to hack WiFi password how to crack wifi password android  I have friends sleep a trick for you to whom you neighbors pocket Lecce, Friends, Relatives of the WiFi You can easily find out the password.

If you tell your friends to urge him to know the WiFi password, the show’s that? Your friends will surely Shocked and you must ask.

“How did this man?”  before doing this you should learn about wifi hacking how its work how Android phone works etc.

To crack wifi password your phone should have full root access without root you can crack wifi. what is root someone how don’t know about root?

Default Android don’t have any permission do anything from your android phone to gain that full access that is called is Rooting.

1) Android Phone

2) WPS Connect (Root Only)

3) WPS WPA Tester (Without Root)

more:- how to secure your wifi password

How to crack wifi password android:



1) WPS connect first you have downloaded in mobile phone and install.

2) Open the app to connect to WPS WiFi and scan the WiFi someone around you will be available to show you that will urge.

3) When you will get the  WPS WiFi click on that’s.

4) After clicking, you will see 3-pin and pin by selecting the first level you have to click on the pin.

5) Trying to connect message will show and you will have to wait a few seconds.

6) After a few seconds in front of your WiFi password and you can also get a copy, Toh.

7) Enjoy the free wi-fi with your  friends

For Non-Rooted Phones:


If your mobile is not yet routed the tricks you can do it but it should be up your mobile Lollipop or Marshmallow up if it is in your mobile app testers urge return of WPA WiFi passwords of any trace back Would.

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