How To Find Lost Phone or Stolen Phone

If you have lost your cell phone or smartphone don’t worry today I am sharing the solution of this problem How To Find Lost Phone or stolen phone.

How To Find Lost Phone

There are many ways to find the lost phone or stolen phone by  I can’t say that these ways work correctly or not, but my trick to find lost phone will work properly because I have used this trick when my phone was lost.


There is a fantastic app and it’s obesely free and it’s called “Look Out”. Look out supports for both android and IOS.

If you want to find your lost or stolen phone, all already need to install the look out before the phone lost. I luckily installed the app before my phone was missing hopefully now I can locate my lost phone.


How To Find Lost Phone ?


Lets me show how? Once your phone got lost or stolen don’t worry just open the browser, any browser anywhere from the world, just you need to log in the look out the account.


  • Firstly you must log in to look out an account with username and password after that look out will show the devices which are connected to your lookout account.

How To Find Lost Phone

  • Next, select the missing device from the list and press the map icon which is showing beside the device, after that will take some time the display the exact location of your lost phone or stolen phone. You can manage you the provides the location of your lost or stolen phone.

How To Find Lost Phone

There is one more option called loud alarm this feature will help to make alarm or sound on phone, by which you can find your phone easily without spending money on it.


These are about the free use look out. You can become a premium member of look out by this you can get the more extra feature on the look out.


An extra feature like erase all the data from your phone, when your phone got lost or more extra feature locks your phone when it’s lost by this feature you don’t need to worry about your phone because it has locked now your personal data is safe.


When there change to find your phone you can easily delete your all personal data from the phone permanently. I suggest installing the lookout app on your phone because  you don’t know when your phone will lose or gone stolen.


I think this post will help you to find the lost please comment below and share this post and keep visiting and get more trick and tips of technology.



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