how to get rid of facebook ads


how to get rid of facebook ads

Facebook earns revenue from ads, but the ads and banners that continue to appear on its sidebar are annoying. There is no option to remove them or get rid of them through Facebook.

Facebook does not want these ads to be deleted, and there is no official guide or application to remove them. To get rid of ads generated by Facebook, you can download ad blocking programs to clean your browser page.

If you have Firefox, you can download the Adblock Plus extension. Once installed, this popular add-in blocks the upload of ads originating from certain ad sites. Another option for Firefox users is to download Greasemonkey, which allows users to customize their website by blocking ads and banners, as well as other options.

By clicking on “Like” on a product or page, Facebook can use that information and your name and profile photo to display targeted social ads on your friends’ pages. Using personal information from your profile to target an audience raises privacy issues. Third-party advertisers can also use Facebook to promote their products by automatically posting ads, but they can not access personal profile information.

To not participate in Facebook social ads, sign in to your Facebook account and click Accounts in the upper right corner of your home page. Select “Account Settings” and then “Facebook Ads”. Select the “nobody” option in “Ads displayed by third-party apps”. Scroll down and click “nobody” to disable social ads completely. To protect your privacy, be wary of third-party applications that you enable when browsing Facebook, as they may not be reliable.
Like everything else, we know that Facebook is a bigger social network. When we talk about how to get rid of Facebook ads There are no tools to get rid of Facebook ads and Facebook’s main revenue is ads, that’s the reason There is no immediate possibility to delete ads.

How to get rid of facebook ads (Method 1)

1. Log in to your Facebook account and click Settings in the upper right corner.

2. Select Adverts  in the left corner as shown below.

how to get rid of facebook ads
3. Then go to social stock ads and select “No one “

how to get rid of facebook ads

How to get rid of facebook ads (Method 2)

You can get rid of Facebook ads with ad blockers. When it comes to ad blockers, ad blockers are the tools we can add to the browser extension. Using with this extension you can block ads on Facebook, be it pop ads or slide ads that can block those ads and can easily get rid of Facebook ads.

How to get rid of Facebook ads using ad blockers.

If you’re using Google Chrome Browser, there are many add-ons available or you can use the plug-in below to block those ads.
Those are some of the best solutions to hide ads on Facebook and there is a short tool on Facebook to get rid of ads.

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