How to Improve Internet Speed | Best trick to boost download speeds


how to improve internet speed best trick to boost download speeds

How to improve internet speed best trick to boost download speeds


Friend, do what your laptop or smartphone ?. Slow Internet speed of your laptop or smartphone you want to increase the speed of the Internet ?. If you have symptoms, it is the right place. Today I am going to tell you a few tricks. From your laptop or smartphone can help improve speed Internet. You also can download speeds increase Es Es well  how to improve internet speed best trick to boost download speeds.


But today I’m going to tell the trick. He is not just some simple tools, no software or network bandwidth, and the high-speed test is a test. Allowing you to your computer or smartphone with an internet connection can improve. Toh’s how we make your smartphone or computer’s Internet speed Maximize see.

 How to Increase Internet Connection Speed:

how to improve internet speed best trick to boost download speeds


Friends, I am giving you some information about methods. But you all know who you are, do not do that. Their average speed, maximum speed, convert the Internet address of the Internet to urge it. Anyway, today we have the Internet connection or modem R Jio SIM. We urge data not matter that the Internet speed is low or high. Join us just meant to him. But if you want to upgrade is Reliance Jio speed Internet modem or SIM. Follow the steps below to urge. Es well es to apply them one by one.

#1 Check Speed Of Internet Connection & compare with Original Connection Speed:

Increase the speed of your Internet connection. The first of these symptoms, you should know. What is the speed of your Internet connection? Browser speed tests on the internet, you will find many software and apps. Allowing you to test the speed of your computer or smartphone can Internet.

Complete When you get your Internet connection speed test. I urge you and the original Internet Speed Internet Speed Test. Update (to speed data plans is their charge). And he has no money for Czech tourism Speed Internet. Whether you are getting as much speed. If you can not find. Urge contact customer service or Internet provider.


#2  turn off your Modem/smartphone and turn on

Sometimes this happens when we are constantly the Internet. And for twenty-four hours or longer to turn off your modem or smartphone is not. Because of this, the internet speed is reduced. So, if you think about it with your modem or smartphone are to restart. To increase the speed of your Internet modem or smartphone becomes the urge.


# 3 to use Wifi instead of Ethernet:

If you have a router. You have the urge to upgrade Internet speed. Ethernet and WiFi connections you place. You get good speed wifi. Told us good speed.


# 4 Secure Your Network:

Suppose you have WiFi router to him. And you do not set the password on your WiFi. Spying on your WiFi network, your symptoms, and many people seem to him to have WiFi. Take your router to the internet speed is tightening. So you always have a WiFi router Strong password to him.


# 5 Malware & Virus Scan:

Malware or viruses on your computer or smartphone. Because of its symptoms, your computer or smartphone Internet speed is low. So, you have to Boost Internet Speed. Urge you to scan your computer or smartphone on a daily basis. You may purchase the antivirus scan.


# 6 clean Browser Cache:

Whenever you search on the internet is to do something. They urge the address is saved in your Browser cache. The cache of your Browser is full. Toh on your internet speed is data EFFECT. Us Well your Browser also seems to hang. Increase speed to the Internet. Daily to clean your browser’s cache.


# 7 Browser updates:

If your computer or smartphone Browser version is old. More Toh speed internet is down. So, it is a high-speed Internet. Update to the latest version shall always urge your Browser


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