How To Install WordPress In 2 Minute 2018 (Step-By-Step)

Facing errors  While installing WordPress, Then this article is going to solve your problems  How to install WordPress (Step-By-Step)

WordPress is the best CMS for blogging and it is easy for use, & there are many platforms for blogging like blogger Tumblr etc but WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for blogging.

In today’s article, I am going to show you how to install WordPress on your shared hosting or any other type of hosting.  

it’s Not difficult job, It’s easy, you can install WordPress within 5 minutes.

Let’s talk

Things before you need  before installing WordPress

Before installing WordPress you need a few things like domain name and a good hosting company which knows WordPress.

I suggest you go with Bluehost because they provide you a free domain and it’s WordPress recommended hosting  you get 50% off GRAB NOW (Special for postintrend users)

Let’s start

There are three methods to install WordPress

  • Get The Hosting Which Gets Pre-Installed WordPress
  • Install WordPress With Cpanel And Auto Installer
  • Install WordPress Manually

This Article, I am going to Cover 2 methods because there are easy.  all the Blogger use this second method only.

This is common sense if you already getting installed automatically why to you do manually.

Method #1: Get Hosting Which Gets Pre-Installed WordPress

The easiest way to install WordPress is to pick up the host that does it for you. There are many hosting companies that provide you pre-installed WordPress.

Hey, you need to sign up for hosting and you are directly Jump to your WordPress site.

That’s easy right!

Here I recommend Few hosting which have pre-installed WordPress

  • Siteground: Siteground provides plenty of WordPress feature which makes your blogging life easy. Start from $3.95 month for 1 Website. (Sign-Up Now )
  • InMotion hosting: Inmotion hosting provides pre-installed WordPress with own drag and drop builder which help to make your WordPress blog easy.  start From $3.99 month for 2 websites. (Get This Deal Now)

There are many managed WordPress hosting but their price or higher compared to this Hosting which I have recommended.

Don’t worry if you already purchase hosting.  I am going to show how to install WordPress in that Hosting that is my second method.

This method you need to just click a few buttons to install WordPress.

Let’s move the next method

Method #2: How To Install WordPress With C-Panel And Auto Installer 

This is the most common method used by beginners. In this method, we will learn how to install WordPress using Cpanel & quick panel.

Cpanel is dashboard which is provided by the hosting company to their customers. when you purchase host they will provide your login details for the panel, most of the host provider has the same Cpanel.

At your Cpanel, there is an option Called auto installer. Auto installer basically install WordPress automatically  in few clicks Start of installing manually you need to fill some info basic information and click next auto installer do  its work automatically

These are auto installer where most of the hosting companies use.

There will be small interface different in this installer but they all work same.

  • To begin, look for the link to the WordPress auto installer in cPanel and click on it:
  • How to install wordpress
  • Next, you should see an Install Now link (no matter what auto installer you are using). Just give it another click:
  • How to install wordpress
  • First, fill in the protocol and domain name where you want to install WordPress:
  • How to install wordpress
  • If you are using SSL then select https:// otherwise select default Http://
  • Now, this is main select the directory where you want to WordPress. I should you to leave blank. leaving blank while installing WordPress in the main domain.
  • Example:-
  • Now it’s time to enter your site name and site description. If you want to change you can leave default you can change anytime from your WordPress admin.
  • Don’t enable this ( Enable Multisite )
  • You also need to create your WordPress login username and password just fill that and make sure you remember it.

How to install wordpress

Depend upon hosting if they are providing extra features that just ignore that is you can select after feeling all this just click on the installed button it can take few minutes You should get a confirmation. Now you can check your brand new WordPress site by given link below.

Now You will Get access to your WordPress Admin The Default is just Just open this link you can see this page.

How to install wordpress

Enter your username and password which you fill while installing WordPress. Some Of the auto installer they provide you their Own password you need to copy and paste the password.

Now give yourself a pat on the back and take a break because your WordPress has just installed!

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