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how to make money on the stock market

how to make money on the stock market

How to make money on the stock market


The money is the powerful think in the world everybody needs money. you’re a businessman or you have  company If you want your company grows successfully So you enter your company / Business in stock Exchange market to get more income. Today I am showing how to make money on the stock market.

So these are some procedure you can Fallow to enter your company / Business in stock Exchange market.



Procedure of Register your company in stock exchange market are as follows ;-



1) Application for Recognition;-

An application under section 3 of the act for Recognition of a stock exchange shall be made to the SEBI in from ‘A’.


2) Fees for Application;-

Fees shall be paid in respect of every application under Rule 3 a fee of Rs- 500/-. The amount of the fee shall be deposited in the nearest government treasury or the nearest branch of the state Bank of India, provided that at Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, and Delhi etc….

3)Documents to Filed along with the Application;

Every application shall be accompanied by 4 copies of the rules (including the memorandum and articles of association where the applicant stock exchange is an incorporated body). You should apply and submit when you registrar your company in stock exchange.


5)power to make inquiries and call for information;

After submitting documents, the SEBI make check and inquiries about your documents and call for information about your company.


6) Form of reorganization;

The recognition granted to a stock exchange shall be in Form ‘B’ and be subject to the following conditions;

i)The recognition unless granted on a permanent  basis, shall be for such period not less than one year as may be specified in the recognition.

ii) The stock exchange shall comply with such Conditions.


6) Renewal of Recognition;

Three months before the expiry of the period of recognition, a recognized stock exchange desirous of renewal of such recognition may make an application to SEBI under the provisions of SCRA.


7) Withdrawal of Recognition;

After the seeing, all inquiries the SEBI will give permission to enter your company in stock exchange market to start your business in stock exchange market.     



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