How to Secure your Email account


Hello, guys welcome to postintrend today we will learn about how to secure your email account. Email is popular known as Gmail google mail service which is used widely all over the world.

If you are not good with computers or just get your first email account, this article is for you. Email accounts are used for anything from personal emails to friends, to sending important letters to your bank or to someone important.

Some people have nothing better in their life than to look into other people’s emails for money, pleasure or personal reasons. They can put your privacy and even your life at risk (on an extreme scale), so here are some steps on how you can protect your email as the government.

Nowadays Gmail is every useful because all the important data are sent through email. Because its google service which is well secured. But a hacker can hack your Gmail account how?

Don’t worry here hacking means not to crack the google’s server and hack, it’s impossible to hack google’s server. Here hacking means guessing the password or using any tool to check the password.


How to Secure your Email account 10 simple tricks



There is no specific software to hack the Gmail password, also it is not easy to hack the email server of like google, yahoo etc..

There are so many attacks which are applied on emails. There are people who are the masters of these email attacks and they always look for the innocent people who are not aware of these email tricks and ready to caught their trap.


  • keep complicated email address.
  • Always keep strong password don’t keep name or number in the password.
  • secure your wireless network, keep your wifi password WPA2 don’t keep WPA.
  • Allways configure a secondary email address or phone number for the recovery purpose.
  • Properly configure the security question and answer in the email account.
  • Do not open emails from strangers.
  • Do not use any other’s computer to check your email.
  • Take care of the phishing links.
  • Always keep alert notification to your phone.
  • Do not reveal your passwords to your friends, girlfriend or boyfriend

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