Tips and rules How to pass and score in the VTU engineering examination



how to pass and scored in vtu examination (Visvesvaraya Technological University) clearly described below.Tips and rules How  to pass and score in the VTU engineering examination VTU exam marks how many VTU students have to get raised questions. The answer to this question, “passing the exam is very easy if you VTU well before the day of the test and during the test. ”


Steps to attend all questions in VTU Exam

The first big thing students should be included in all questions. The problem is how all the questions in order to participate. It is very easy to follow the steps below.


  • Check the course and write all or by intelligent unit syllabus is print out.
  • Now all previous years question papers.
  • The bottom note is important as it marks all the repeated questions and topic youwrote using the course.
  • Then mark all other questions have appeared in all the papers.
  • Now you what subjects to study for the test. Almost 40% of this one unit.
  • 40% reading book go through the whole course is very easy in comparison.
  • Please complete it as soon as possible.
  • The remaining 60% parts now seem to cover. That’s 40% share you thoughts about each unit. Just read and 60% once all headings, subheadings below, key points and pictures.
  • You had completed the entire syllabus of the smart way.
  • The above steps take only one night because basically we engineer Only 30 minutes before the exam and go through the notes you took last night.
  • Easy, fill out your answer book and then look at the question paper.
  • You know all the questions but not really.
  • First of all the questions you know to participate
  • Then start the remaining questions. All type of sub headings the headings correctly.You remember to write quite a few points. Points to make and it. Then write some stories about the topic relevant.
  • Currently, 60%. This successful formula and test good points.

Eligibility to get pass mark – vtu passing marks


  • Minimum 35% of the VTU exam points
  • 40% marks in a practical, project work, oral, etc.
  • This principle of aggregation and the Interior markings should be 40%, including

How to score good points in VTU


  • Go through all the topics and hints about it.
  • your friends to explain all topics.
  • And what about your friend the story said. The story here means the concepts.
  • you prepare for a night of 70% will score points


Note: depending on individual ability prepared.


Grace policy in VTU examination

VTU exam grace mark 2 points that is 2%.


Grace mark-if students failed only one topic will be given 5 points or grace passes all exams with or after aggregation theory or practical or at least have fewer scars the internal and score points.


For more information check the GMR for VTU website 01 05.


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