Reducing price of petrol, diesel and gold in January 2017

reducing price of petrol diesel and gold in january 2017

Reduce the price of petrol,diesel, and gold in January 2017.

There is a good news to every one people of India that after December which is next year. The modi is reducing price of petrol diesel and gold in january 2017.

The petrol which is the biggest problem in India now it is going to less. Modi had decided to reduce the price of petrol because of black money what he got in recent months. The modi the Lion of India who had fought his fight for poor people, he fought for poor people to because he wanted that in over India all poor people should get their rights and he wanted to remove poverty.

We all are seeing that in India day by day the petrol and diesel Price’s is becoming increase, if the petrol and diesel Price’s will become increase means after few days the will decrease and day by day it’s repeating the same and finally the modi had taken a decision that the petrol price and diesel price will become see up to 30 rupee per letter and diesel 25 rupee per letter.

reducing price of petrol diesel and gold in january 2017

The gold which is the castles in the India which are dress of very poor people to wear gold but due to there poverty they cannot buy gold, so the modi is decided to change the price of the gold and he created some new roles by which all should follow it.

After the coming of modi, the India is becoming change slowly by which we can become one day the richest¬† country in the world. So let’s support the modi who is fighting for us so by which the poverty will remove from the India, and slowly the modi will reduce the prices of very think like gold, train tickets, electrical bill, etc.

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