Reliance jio has extended free internet and calling till march 31st activate now

reliance jio extended free internet calling till march 31st activate now

All jio services, I will be free of Live and March 31 were the regulator will review the New Offer reliance jio extended free internet calling till march 31st activate now.

Special Features

For new customers free of charge until March 31, 2017, now offer voice and data

First, the plan was for December 31

5.2 million subscribers live in three months to make claims

Telecom regulator TRAI today said it will review the new offer of Reliance Jio. Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Jio announced today that it’s existing and new customers for its free voice and data up to March 31, 2017, will now offer. The plan was for it before December 31 reliance jio extended free internet calling till march 31st activate now.

When asked about this, TRAI chairman RS Sharma said, “We’ll review it. Whatever the tariffs are submitted to us is his investigation. We will respond at the appropriate time.” Reliance Jio is the 4G service license in three months and he has 52 million subscribers.

Meanwhile, Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani today announced a major new and old customers all live Internet data, voice calling, video calling services, including Wi-Fi and 31st March 2017 are free to Have given. (Click here to read in detail)

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Here, 10 key points relating to Mukesh Ambani’s speech


1. Thanks to the people to take to live right away. People love to live rich, but other operators do not support us.

2. Live in the first three months increased by WhatsApp, Facebook and Skype are over. Live is the world’s fastest growing tech company.

3. Our March 2017 target to double the network of Geo. Geo will apply to all customers ‘Happy New Year’ Plan.

4. ‘Happy New Year’ Plan 31 March by 2017 unlimited data, calls, video, and WiFi will be completely free.

5. Each of India’s Geo Geo Data-strong network and customer an average of 25 times more data than the broadband consumer is using. Geo million users in less than three months are added.

6. They gave us a lot of feedback about the welcome offer, which we have heard and we are working on it.

7. Demonetization of the ‘Adventure congratulates the Prime Minister for decision.

8. Interconnection of the issues existing in the past three months were 900 million voice calls in networks of three telecom operators could not.

9. Live voice calls to its customers in the country absolutely has always tried to ensure free.

10. I am happy to tell you that Portability Live mobile number is fully supported.

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