ten ways to secure your personal data in the android device from hacker

ten ways secure android device hacker,secure android phone

Nowadays, everyone, is android smartphone, family or friend circle or office everyone android smartphone operating system is running on. In this article we will talk about some android security tips. Well, Android and other operating systems such as Windows and your phone is safer than data such as photos, passwords, and are less likely to leak. But even he does not come and you may have trouble ever accidentally get any app installed should have no bugs and give it to your phone, all data leaks. Below are some tips that we all will save the state of your phone ten ways secure android device hacker,secure android phone.

Secure Lock screen made

If you have a smartphone, the first phone to run the password, PIN, pattern lock, etc. should know.This is something to know that if the other smartphones that can run smoothly. Therefore, to ensure that no one else could do your Private information. The first smartphone to set a good password. Most people run the business by putting passwords 1234 and 0000, but none of them will easily guess.Many people are able to make the password on the date of his birthday, but also your friend, relative or even your birthday do, she will easily enter the code to unlock the phone.

These days almost all good smartphones makes fingerprint scanner, this feature if your smartphone so you can protect the phone very easily. Only put your finger on the scanner can call anytime the Lock-Unlock. Not only android fingerprint scanner on the various payment services such as very easily and can be secured. If you are going to buy a new smartphone with fingerprint scanner Leven phone. Additionally, you can also look at other methods below.

Smart Phone Lock – Most application Bypass  Anyone can play on your phone. But this app is so good in terms of security, so that once you’ve installed it without your permission, it can not the administrator. Lock is the most striking feature of the smartphone app to change based on the timing pin.For example, if the time now is 11:30 +10 points and you put your password in the app will be in 1140.With the changing times and the password changes, you will only have to +10. +10 You can also choose to replace the second digit.

Face Lock – Phase Lock feature will be familiar to most people. It already is in many smartphones. If your phone does not feature in this app you can download face lock. To lock the phone as well as a few select apps Whatsapp, Facebook, settings and photo galleries, etc. also can lock.


Android 10 interesting things you may not know about it

Download apps from the Play Store

Many apps installed on your phone to download the APK file. Although the app from the Play Store to download the correct and safe way. Yet men APK adopt the technique. Even some malware, trojan or Kilgore call can come in and steal all personal information.

One way to prevent this. Just go to your smartphone settings from the Settings> Security> Unknown sources will name a Aॅpshn. Giving it unchecked. APK file will not be installed in any of the smartphone.

Use Chrome browser

Android smartphones in the first two came browser installed. But since the arrival of Lolipop android installed chrome browser is coming soon. You will find that there are many who casts an eye on the Play Store is available browsers such good speed, data savings, security, etc. to give the claim. But chrome the best, though it turns battery, yet it is the best browser. The other browser add many, many times with offer etc. come with personal data, you have to share.

Bloatware applications to disable or block

IPhone instead of the device you can see many android cheap and come in different prices. Although some of these are cheap because these apps already installed, the phone installed on your brand gets the money. This approach helps the company to reduce the price of the device. Some of these apps are often helpful and so falls. But this fact can not be ignored that these apps can also view various data of repeated calls.

If we Samsung smartphones from the company in terms of pre-installed apps, mostly you can not delete. The second way is that you can disable them by going into the settings of your phone. Go to your settings, go to the Apps option there may disable the app open. Disable the app will stop working to give.

Use the Two-Factor Authentication

From email accounts, social networking sites, e-commerce sites, nearly all nowadays is such  log-in. It is 100% safety. Two-factor authentication technology was patented in 1984. Although it has been adopted in recent years. This is a technique in which a bank account to match two things, email account, or access to any secure object is created. Today, two-factor authentication from mobile phones is Aces. Whenever you do your regular username and password Login four-digit code that comes on your phone. This code is inserted and with log-in- the account is opened.

Do not forget to register the password

If the account on dozens of different sites can be difficult to remember passwords. This situation seems very simple way to save the password in the browser. But to do that you should stop. Because it’s not safe. So whenever you Log-in on any site and browser to save passwords, asking not to do so at all. A similar problem may have come into your browser and you’ve stolen all the passwords etc


App Permission Set

Whenever you have installed an app from the Play Store, there is much such permission is asked.However, Google android latest versions of the past tried to make a little safer with the app permission. Although most users completely ignore this thing and give all the permissions the app. She even with permission without thinking that all these apps where you can use the data. An app on your phone so you connect, media, photos, etc. have doubts about giving permission levels that app permission to go into the settings reset immediately Deven.

Avoid short links

Internet surfing social media sites or email at times during Short links meet. Avoid opening them, sometimes they can be dangerous to open and can steal your ID password. Not just your social media account can be hacked. Many hackers to steal your personal data, use this approach.

Avoid using unsecured Wi-Fi networks

From mobile phones to stay connected to the world nowadays is very important. But often it happens that we do not have any travel or a good internet connection. In this case, free Wi-Fi or connect to shared hotspot. In this situation, such as surfing and browsing the web on Wi-Fi only. But any kind of network Log-in and do not at all. Maybe because your information is being monitored and your account will be hacked. Bhullar also has the right to open a bank account, etc.. If possible, such Avoid using the unsecured Wi-Fi connection.

Malware & Virus scans

Many apps on the Google Play Store which is scan feature. Additionally, these apps cache, thrash and to remove other types of frivolous things is Aॅpshn. Just search on Google Play Store and its own antivirus download an app a good stay. Also keep in mind that sometimes it slows down and can put these apps on your smartphone as these applications continuously and repeatedly scan the phone’s files etc. etc. keeps. But if you have a good smartphone, so it will not be much problem.


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