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the great wall


The Great Wall is a Chinese film  The Great wall of China directed by < Zhang Yimou > and produced by < Thomas Tull >, < Charles Roven > and <Peter loehr>.

It is a story by < Max Brooks >  And < Edward Zwick >.

The Great Wall  was set to direct this epic film. Legendary East’s CEO  peter leohr confirmed that zhang would direct this film in English with a budget of$135million and this would be the first film in English directed by Zhang. The film originally came from Ceo Thomas Tull who conceived the idea with world war z writer max brooks .

The film originally came from Ceo Thomas Tull who conceived the idea with world war z writer max brooks .

Three walls were built during the film production as they could not shoot on the actual Great wall of china.
During the shooting,the director said that the most impressive part of this film was the presence of so many translator to handle communication as he assembled an international crew for the filming.

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 Where this film Released

“China” and “United States“.

When They Decided to Release in both Country

the great wall

It is scheduled to be released on December 16,2016 in


the great wall

On February 17,2017 in United States.

The principle photography on this film began on March 30,2015, in Qindao, in china.

‘The Great wall’ is upcoming Chinese and American movie based on the epic historical action adventure Film .

The film is scheduled to be Released on December 16,2016 in China by le vision pictures and china film group.And by universal pictures in United States on February 17 2017.






the great wall


During the battle of humanity in china to safe guard the country the great wallof china was built to combat an army of monsters,

the monster is the taoti the beast of great greed from china‘s ancient mythology. A group of monsters or the horde of monsters creep ed up on the wall every 60 years forcing the army to defend it.

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Film Casting

the great wallthe great wallthe great wallthe great wall

The stars of this film are “Matt Damon“,“Jing Tian”,”Pedro pascal” and “Andy lau”.

About The Teaser of Great wall

The teaser of great wall was released in July 2016 the trailer with tense shows of visual spectacular views of Great wall of  china in the fog ,thousands of soldiers on the battlefield and a mysterious monster.

Universal pictures and legendary entertainment also debuted eight character posters of the film on November 17,2016.

the great wall

Production of The Great Wall Of China

Production of this film started from the Chinese director “Zhang Yimou” on October 18,2014,


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