The Texan Information Technology Industry Prowess

With over 360,000 workers employed in the Information Technology (IT) industry and the output surging by over 20% annually, there is always a demand for IT jobs in Texas. IT professionals in the state are employed across a wide range of services relating to information technology such as computer systems designs, programming, and data management. IT jobs in
Texas and the industry as a whole rank second in IT service nationwide. From home-grown IT firms to international brands are attracting IT services investments from across the globe.

An overview of Texas’ IT industry

The IT industry in Texas could be subdivided into the following services categories: 

● Computer systems and software. The computer systems and software sector of Texas’s IT industry ranks third nationwide. The industry is comprised of hardware and software integration, web design, custom software development, software publishing, computer facilities management, and other related services. 

● Video and online gaming. The rising popularity and demand for video gaming and digital goods provided a niche for the already-established IT industry in Texas to fill. Because the state has implemented lower barriers to entry as well as better and cheaper production tools, independent firms were established in Texas and continue to grow. These small and traditional gaming companies have ensured stability in the IT jobs offered in Texas.

● Cloud services. Accounting for 16% of Texas’ IT industry, the cloud and data services offers data processing, media streaming, and hosting assistance to companies, among another cloud-related service. Due to affordable and reliable electricity, a conducive geographical location that is not prone to natural disasters, and tailored tax incentives by the government, the data services sector in Texas quickly rose to the top. 

● Online services. The IT expertise of Texas in the online services sector is also quite established. From Internet publishing, retail, broadcasting to business consultancy services, the state has become a hub for online companies and mobile startups. 

The future of IT For places like Texas, information technology has become a significant player in its economy. As technology advances, IT is one of the industries that is directly affected due to the intricate relationship they share. The forecasted trends below provide a glimpse as to how information technology will progress in the future. 

● Machine learning. Computers are expected to become more and more advanced in “learning.” The machines will be able to conduct specific tasks and manipulate data without the need for explicit programming. 

● Internet of things. The Internet of Things (IoT) will become more embedded in physical devices such as electronics, appliances, vehicles and the like. These technologies make someone’s life more convenient and efficient through the connectivity brought by technology. 

● 3D Printing. Computer programs are expected to make soft copies of something into reality through 3D printing. The capabilities of 3D printing are revolutionary because it encompasses advancements in almost every industry of the world. 

● Artificial Intelligence. Through information technology, machines become more intelligent and could start recognizing speech, learn, plan, analyze, respond, and solve problems much like humans. IT and computer science work hand in hand to push the boundaries of AI further.

● Virtual Reality. Simulations of virtual reality will also become more intertwined within society in the future. It is a form of entertainment, a pastime, or an escape from reality that many patronize. 

● Autonomous vehicles. Modes of transportation will also experience the advancements in computer science and information technology. As processes and systems become more self- learning and independence, the same concept will be incorporated into vehicles.  Still growing the 21st century saw the rapid growth of information technology, and this trend is forecasted to only progress in the coming years. IT jobs in Texas is one that has the capacity and capability to positively benefit a vast number of other sectors in the world.

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