7 Tips To Improve Your Website Conversion Rate 2018

It is wonderful if you are able to get visits to your website… However, what’s the use of getting traffic if it does not convert or contribute to your ROI? It is meaningless, right?

To help you bring more customers and enhance your website conversion rate, we are here with top tips that would make things easy for you.

Have Sign up Forms on Your Website

You will not be able to convert your website visitors without having their contact details. Make sure you have signup forms on your web pages so that the visitors can provide their information for you to contact them. You can create gated content and downloadable resources such as white papers or ebooks.

Keep in mind that your contact form should have the required fields only. Keeping too many fields in the form can be a turn off for your visitors and they may not provide any details at all. Worse still, they may end up choosing your competitors over you.

Offer Safe Transactions and Gain Trust

If you are an e-commerce website, you ought to provide safe transaction facility to your customers. Once you gain your visitors’ trust, your conversion rates will considerably improve.

You should provide a guarantee for your products or services in addition to a money back or refunds policy. This will alleviate the apprehension of the customers and encourage them to purchase from you. You should offer a wide range of payment options to match the preferences of different types of customers that you may be getting.

Have social sharing icons on your website and network with your prospective clients on these platforms. An active presence on social media works as an assurance for your customers that you are a reliable and genuine brand from whom they can buy. Have contact details as a sticky footer for your website so that your customers can get in touch with you at any point in time.

Live chat is also a great idea to build trust. You can troubleshoot the problems of your customers and answer their queries in real-time through this feature.

Consider offering discounts and incentives to your visitors or VIP customers. This tactic goes a long way in enhancing conversion rates.

Security Improves Conversion

SSL Certificate is a must for every website that wants to get quality traffic on their website. Have a trust seal and HTTPS installed on your website so that the data transferred between the browser and server is encrypted and hackers cannot access it. Moreover, it will also give your search engine ranking a boost as security is one of the parameters that Google considers for SEO.

Tips to Improve Your Website Conversion Rate
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Use Testimonials on the Website

Your prospects often look for feedback or testimonials from the existing customers. Owing to this, it is recommended that you should have testimonials on your website that will encourage more conversions by trust-building. This will enforce better decision making for the customers.

Follow the CTA Button Best Practices

Call to Action button is what prompts the visitor to take action. Your readers get an idea of what to do next through the right CTA. Make sure you use an actionable verb and place it strategically so as to garner more clicks. It should create a sense of urgency to encourage instant conversions.

Use a contrasting color for the CTA so that it immediately catches the reader’s eye and entices them to buy from you.

Do not have too many CTA options as it will make the decision-making process more difficult for the customer. You can carry out A/B testing and see what works the best for your website conversions.

Create a Mobile-Friendly Website

Mobile-friendly websites have got more popular because most of the visitors navigate through your site via mobile devices. If your website is not mobile-responsive, it will create a bad user experience and hamper your conversion rate. You should have Accelerated Mobile Pages to ensure a smooth browsing experience for your prospects. Your website loading time is also a deciding factor that influences your visits and conversion rates. It should not take too long for your website to load.

Deliver Value through Your Content

Have a regularly updated blog with relevant information that matches your target audience and the industry you are in. Write well-researched content supported with high definition images that will help you get more traffic on your website. Do not use too much of technical jargon in the content. It should be easy to understand for every customer. Ask yourself “Will my grandma understand this”. If yes, it is good to go on the website. Test different forms of content like long-form or short-form content. Determine the best practice through trial and error- that works the best to improve conversion rates.

You should optimize the content of your web pages for search engines as this is an important aspect of Internet marketing. If your visitors are able to find value in your content and it answers their questions, you are sure to get better conversion rates. If you are an e-commerce store, use high-quality images. Do not mislead them with the wrong product descriptions or pictures. This can spoil your brand reputation.

Final Thoughts

The ultimate goal of every business is to get conversions. Without conversions, your business is like a punctured car. It just would not get you anywhere.

These 7 tips will considerably improve your conversions if implemented in the right way. Do share your ideas in the comments below. We would look forward to hearing from you.

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