Top 10 best android apps 2016

Google Play store has numerous applications that can meet the needs of everyone. But more often than not we wonder which one to use. There are a lot of applications and sometimes people need to be guided to download. So we went ahead and researched a few so you do not have to top 10 best android apps 2016.


Like you, we want to see the best applications appreciate and some of these applications have revolutionized the functionality or at least offer something that made an application imperative.


So here is our list of apps that we believe are some of the best in 2016.


  • Google duo

top 10 best android apps 2016

Google launched its own application where they are trying to overthrow FaceTime and Skype as they introduced their video-calling application. The application is free and has new features that make it stand out from the crowd. For example, ‘Knock Knock’ allows you to view a live video of the caller before answering the call.


  • Solid explore

top 10 best android apps 2016

File managers are very useful when it comes to managing files and Solid Explorer is one of the best for various reasons. Apart from managing local files, the app lets you link to cloud storage services as well and allows you to manage all of your online cloud files all in one place. The design makes the app very easy to use


  • Swiftkey keyword

top 10 best android apps 2016

SwiftKey Keyboard is one of the most versatile, powerful and customizable third-party keyboards that hit the market several years ago. Since then, the keyboard predictive engine is probably the best and is unlike any other keyboard out there. There are other features like typing of gestures, synchronization between devices of his words and support of several languages.


  • Wunderlist

top 10 best android apps 2016

Wunderlist is one of the best applications to do lists on Android and helps you to track the tasks. The application is amazing to remember everyday tasks like taking out the trash and other complex tasks. The payment version of the application is intended for business professionals and can even be used for a grocery list.




  • Prisma

top 10 best android apps 2016

Prisma is a photo filtering application but has much more to offer than other editing applications. Prisma can completely reinvent your image and has many options of different types of art styles.

The application has different filters like gothic, anime, impressionism, pop art and other styles that can be selected with just a touch. However, the image takes the time to edit because it uses an algorithm to change the image in masterpieces.


  • Nova launcher

top 10 best android apps 2016

The new launcher is in the most flexible customizable launchers for Android that are available today. It has been in existence for four years, but constant updates have made it one of the most exciting apps on the Google Play Store. It can allow you to back up and restore the home screen, the placement of icons for all your applications, numerous customization options for the application drawer and home screen. He really is the best pitcher out there.


  • Pocket

top 10 best android apps 2016

We are always on the move and sometimes we do not have time to read all the articles that the Internet sends us. The pocket is one of those applications that allow you to easily save articles you want to read later. It even allows you to save videos for later, which is also an advantage for a bookmark application.

The best part of the application is that it allows you to save articles for offline use, ie it works even when you do not have an Internet connection on the phone. It syncs between devices and also allows you to pick up where you left your item.


  • Timehop

top 10 best android apps 2016

Timehop is an application, which will give you memories of past memories, will tell you what you were doing on this day in past years. The application uses information from Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Instagram. The application reminds you of all the things that could have brought happiness into your life and have been buried under years of photos being uploaded.

However, if you do not want to see the image of your ex-girlfriend or not some sad things you might have shared in the past, you may want to avoid this app.


  • Google photos

top 10 best android apps 2016

Google Photos is able to provide you with unlimited storage of photos and videos. You have read that right, unlimited. It ensures that your photos are fully backed up and allows you to delete images that have already been copied to free up space on your phone. Create montages, animations and collages automatically and even have support for Chromecast.

It is so organized that you can easily find extremely old images thanks to the great search function of the application.


  • Pocket cast

top 10 best android apps 2016

Pocket Casts is easily one of the best podcast applications for Android and stands out for the colorful interface and it’s easy to use design. It is full of features that work better than other podcast applications; For example, sleep timers, automatic download, and Chromecast support.

The application also improves the listening experience of a user, as it can eliminate silent parts to speed up the podcast episode. You can even change the video podcasts to an audio format only. Pocket Casts is definitely your money worth.

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