Top 10 countries with fastest internet speed ever recorded

countries with fastest internet speed


what countries have the fastest internet? Have you ever thought that what is the high speed of internet, the highest speed Internet of the world is 26 Mbps? countries with fastest internet speed

Sounds nice nowadays in the world,  the internet is the main and very useful part of our daily life, and it is now our preferred medium of everyday communication. The Internet is definitely one of the newest and most advanced media and the medium of the future.

However, to enjoy the nonstop services of the Internet, you need to have good connectivity. The Internet works on only two important metrics in the all location of bandwidth (measured in Megabits per second or Mbps): download and upload speed, which denotes the speed of incoming and outgoing data respectively.

The average web page loads at 6.3 Mbps universally, a number that indicates how many millions of data bits can be moved in one second.

While 6.3 Mbps is fast enough to send an email or watch a Netflix program, it is still very slow. Akamai Technologies, a Massachusetts-based Internet provider, conducted a study on how Internet speeds are measured in countries around the world. The company publishes a report every quarter that ranks countries according to their Internet speed.

According to them, here are the top 10 countries with fastest internet speed ever recorded.


Top 10 countries with fastest internet speed


10. Finland (17.7 Mbps Avg)

Finland people use the Internet at 17.7 Mbps on average, which is relatively fast. In 2010, the country’s Ministry of Transport and Communications provided each Finnish citizen with at least one Mbps Internet connection. One Mbps will allow you to send e-mails at a snail’s pace, surf the web and watch low-quality videos on YouTube.  It’s an extremely slow speed to download or upload huge files.

Finland stands to No 10 in my list of  Top 10 countries with fastest internet speed.

9. Czech Republic (17.8 Mbps Avg)

Witnessing a 31% increase over last year, the Internet in the Czech Republic charges 17.8 Mbps on average. This speed is a little more than most people in the US. You could think on average that it allows you to watch HD videos and surf the web without any interruption.

The Czech Republic stands to No 9 in my list of  Top 10 countries with fastest internet speed.

8. The Netherlands (17.9 Mbps Avg)

The Netherlands average internet speed is 17.9 Mbps. According to a 2014 report,  According to a recent report, the country has the highest percentage of households that use the Internet throughout the European Union. Cable is the most popular form of Internet use and contributes almost 40% to the general use of the Internet. Fiber optic network is also used and the internet is quite old in this country and maybe around 20 years old. The Netherlands has been on this list for about two to three years now.

The Netherlands stands to No 8 in my list of  Top 10 countries with fastest internet speed.

7. Japan (18.2 Mbps Avg)

Users in Japan experience an average Internet speed of 18.2 Mbps, which offers high-speed optical fiber (cables that allow faster access to the Internet). This means that even if there are several people in a household who are using Netflix, or are playing video games, and browsing the web on different devices at the same time, they will not experience any slowdown.
Japan is one of the many countries working on super-fast 100 Gbps (Gigabits per second) Internet.
Meanwhile, Japanese provider So-net offers 2 Gbps of Internet which is twice as fast as Google Fiber, making it the fastest Internet service available in the world.

Japan stands to No 7  in my list of  Top 10 countries with fastest internet speed.

6. Latvia (18.3 Mbps Avg)

Latvia’s average Internet speed is 18.3 Mbps, which is almost three times faster than the global average.  The history of growth began in 1999 although the increase in speed is of recent origin. It uses the most modern technology of broadband and fiber network that has resulted in it becoming the sixth place in the general list. He has been on this list for three or four years.

Latvia stands to No 6  in my list of  Top 10 countries with fastest internet speed.

5. Switzerland (18.7 Mbps Avg)

With an average download speed of 18.7 Mbps, Switzerland is in the fifth place in the global speed of the Internet. It has one of the highest penetration of broadband in Europe and the replacement of dial-up with broadband has been the biggest driver of Internet speed in this country.

Switzerland stands to No 5  in my list of  Top 10 countries with fastest internet speed.

4. Hong Kong (19.9 Mbps Avg)

It would be relevant to mention that Hong Kong was the first country to play a download speed of 60 Mbps and this occurred in 2013. As of today, the average Internet speed is 19.9 Mbps. The history of Internet growth could be attributed to its approach In broadband technology, while other technologies are also used. It has been on this list for many years.

Hong Kong stands to No 4  in my list of  Top 10 countries with fastest internet speed.

3. Sweden (20.6 Mbps Avg)

The average download speed in Sweden is 20.6 Mbps. This means that ordinary people rarely face and download speed issues. The average speed has seen a 32% increase in the last year alone. They have grown so far due to the use of ADSL, VDSL, Internet cable and fiber optic Internet technologies. The growth story may have started in 2009 seriously. It has been on the list for the last four to five years.

Sweden stands to No 3  in my list of  Top 10 countries with fastest internet speed.

2.Norway (21.3 Mbps Avg)

The average speed is around 21.3 Mbps. In fact, the average speed increased dramatically in the year 2015. At this speed, five high-quality photos can be downloaded per second. Internet started in this country in 1971 and a combination of ADSL, cable, and broadband technology have been the drivers of internet speed. Norway continues to be on this list for the past five to six years.

Norway stands to No 2  in my list of  Top 10 countries with fastest internet speed.

1.South Korea (29 Mbps Avg)

According to the Akamai The report, people in South Korea enjoy the fastest Internet in the world. The country’s average internet speed is 29 Mbps, which is 4.6 times the world average.

To put things in the point of view, the average HD movie is about 5,000 MB. A computer could download that in just over two and a half minutes at a speed of 29 Mbps.

Although more than 80 percent of South Korean households have access to some of the world’s fastest Internet connections, they face usage limitations. Several Internet users have to face strong Internet censorship in South Korea, according to a 2015 report by Freedom House, a non-profit organization.

South Korea stands to No 1  in my list of  Top 10 countries with fastest internet speed.

Q4 2015 Avg. Mbp      
Global Average 5.6
South Korea 26.7
Sweden 19.1
Norway 18.8
Japan 17.4
Netherlands 17.0
Hong Kong 16.8
Switzerland 16.7
Latvia 16.7
Finland 16.6
Denmark 16.1


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