top 5 xiaomi miui 8 miui 7 hidden tricks and tips

 xiaomi miui 8 miui 7 hidden tricks tips.

MIUI Top Hidden Tips & Tricks


As everyone knows Xiaomi is frequently trending  very fast in India with a lighting speed with his top redmi models and best in class User Interface features MIUI is very easy to use and it crack India with its affordable smartphones with best in class features to challenge his competitors as Lecco and coolpad  here are some xiaomi miui 8 miui 7 hidden tricks tips.

xiaomi miui 8 miui 7 hidden tricks tips

One Phone Two Accounts

xiaomi miui 8 miui 7 hidden tricks tips.

now you can run two accounts on the same MI phone with Second space option you can create a whole separate partition in your mi smartphone and both has separate password apps profile emails etc it is similar to our windows which separate accounts it is good for one want to keep the privacy to his friends or family or with boyfriend girlfriend or for your guests as a guest account just go to settings and then search for second space then click on it to turn on and be transferred to other zone switching another zone needs a password for protection of the data.

to go back to your original space I mean your first zone simply slide down the notification bar there you will get floating that says first space just click on it you ill be back to first space.


Disable App Notification quickly from status bar

xiaomi miui 8 miui 7 hidden tricks tips.

Another best handy feature miui 7 that you can disable your app notification quickly from the status bar itself without the need of going to settings.

to disable notification for an app swipe notification bar click on disable icon mark the app notifications, you want to disable and click on tick icon. This is extremely useful when you want to quickly disable annoying notifications.



Set different lock screen wallpaper daily

xiaomi miui 8 miui 7 hidden tricks tips.

now you can change wallpapers daily it ill is boring to see the same wallpaper daily on the lock screen. To enable this go to settings wallpaper choose wallpaper daily lock screen and in additional, you can set your baby album to set your baby photos as a lock screen wallpaper.

OTP one time password copy one-time password

xiaomi miui 8 miui 7 hidden tricks tips.

if your shopping one commerce networking sites or transacting with bank accounts you have faced the problem of copying and pasting otp top now the problem is solved whenever you receive a top message it will be displayed on the notification bar. To enable go to messaging long press on recent apps key click on checksums for otp.

Reduce mobile data consumption with data saver

now here comes the most valuable tip of miui 7 the data saver which is provided opera max once enabled serves all the data through opera server and compress it. It helps you to browse your internet faster and helps you in saving your data as well as wifi 50% to enable go to settings-security app data usage  data save this data saver work for all apps you can use it for other apps.

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