White hat Hacker: 5 powerful and secrets Knowledge

White hat Hacker

Knowing hackers are great.

Knowing white hat hacker is great.

Both are awesome but white hat hacker are has good value and repetition in the world.

There are 8 types of hacker today I am telling about only white hat hacker.

Today I have something that will you Successful white hat hacker and you can say that You has the hacking superpowers:

5 Thinks about white hat hacker you don’t know about them

You can use these secret and become white hat hacker.

Start using right now.


White hat Hacker: 5 powerful and secrets Knowledge


Knowledge in the Operating System:

White hat Hacker

To become a white hat expert you need a good knowledge in the operating system like

much more.

You learn more about the all the operating system which are popular names I have listed above.

All organization doesn’t run on one operating system they use differently.

Knowledge about networking:

White hat Hacker

The next main thing to become a white hat hacker you need great about knowledge about the networking.

70% hacking is based on the networking, You need to learn networking concepts.

Basic of protocols, and related to software and hardware.

Knowledge about the internet:

White hat Hacker

Nowadays the internet is a more useful thing.

You can use the internet for both thinks for knowledge and destruction purpose.

To be a white hat  you should have good knowledge about the internet. How it works, how to use the internet to get information about someone information.

Keep Yourself Update:

White hat Hacker

To be a good hacker you need to update yourself. Updating means you should learn new things always read books of hacking and much more to known more knowledge about your field.

Knowledge about How to solve problems:

White hat Hacker

How to solve the problem when you get here to some company many problems will some you should get ready to solve the problem.

To learn this you should practice many times.

Because you don’t know the problem will occur. You should always ready for the problems.

Learn Ethical hacking and get Certified Ethical hacker:

Ethical hacking

To beat a hacker, you need to think like one!

White hat hacker is well known as an ethical hacker.  The company hires Ethical hacker because to prevent hackers from gaining the access to the company or organization.

 To know more about Ethical hacking read our previous post Click what is ethical hacking here

These are the main 5 secrets every white hat hacker to learn and have knowledge about this 5 secrets.



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