Why You Should Be Using Instagram on the Web (Not Your Phone!)

So you like to scroll through Instagram’s mobile app? You’re not getting the best user experience. Here’s why Instagram on the web is the better choice.

Instagram launched in 2010 as a photo-sharing app. It became very popular among celebrities and their followers. Fans saw it as a way to experience the lives of the rich and famous.

As the platform grew, we saw the growth of influencer marketing and product placement. Later came Insta-stories and a boatload of apps and filters.

Today Instagram has surpassed 1 billion users worldwide. Many people believe Instagram will never reach the level of its parent platform Facebook because using Instagram on web browsers does not offer the same experience. Yet, there is a market for a fully accessible desk and laptop platform.

There are many things that set the two apart, but a segment of the population prefers to access the site on non-mobile devices. 

So what are the big differences? Keep reading for top reasons why you should be using Instagram on the web.

Why You Should Try Instagram on Web Browsers

Viewing Instagram on your web browser is a different experience. There was a time when Instagram was only available on mobile devices. Most smartphones came with the app already installed on the device.

When the platform became available on desktops, people were disappointed to learn they did not have the same capabilities. Users can edit their profiles, leave comments, and follow other users. 

Sending direct messages isn’t a capability but here is a workaround for Mac users, https://setapp.com/how-to/instagram-direct-messages-on-mac.

Users should give it a try to see how much better they will enjoy the content.

You Don’t Upload a Lot of Content

The Instagram web app is needed if you upload a lot of content. If you are just a social media lurker, you can follow your favorite celebrities, friends, and relatives.

The web browser version allows you to engage with posts the same way you would on the app.

It Provides a Better User Experience

Instagram for web users provides a better user experience or those individuals that struggle with the small screens in smart devices. If you have ever tried to read the comments under a post, you know what I mean. The fonts are minuscule. 

Texting is not a means of communication some people enjoy. Leaving a message on IG is equivalent to writing a text.  

Images Are More Vibrant on Desktops

The images on IG are meant to appear as if they were taken by a professional photographer. This may explain the numerous editing apps and filters available in the upload process. 

Despite all of its efforts, the images don’t get the attention they deserve on the app. Yes, you can stretch the images and slide them around. Why go through all of that when you can view everything on your desktop or laptop.

The Instagram website allows you to view images and videos in full-size without diminishing the appearance. If you are searching for a particular image it easier to find on your computer than your phone.

Easier to Navigate Instagram Stories

Now that Insta-stories are now available on the web version of Instagram it has one huge plus. It is easier to navigate through the storyline of people that post a large quantity of content in a 24-hour period.

With the app, you can tap the screen to bypass photos but it can be tricky and you could exit out the storyline altogether. The same can happen when trying to fast-forward through videos.

On the website, you have a back and forward arrow for simple navigation through photos. 

You Save on Your Battery Life

Running apps on your smart devices drain the battery. By using the Instagram website version, you can save your battery life and enjoy the content online.

When it’s time to upload photos or create an IG Live video, you’ll have enough juice to record your footage. 

It’s Easier to Download Content

It may not be the intention of Instagram for users to be able to download content. By accessing Instagram from a web browser you can copy the link of the photo or video and download it using free online conversion apps.

The reasons people give for wanting download content include sharing it on other platforms like Pinterest. Others want to use it in blogs or in videos for their YouTube channels. Then there is the fear that the content will be deleted.

You Can Enjoy IGTV Content on a Bigger Screen

Although the Instagram website version doesn’t have all of the capabilities of the app, there are some tradeoffs. IGTV is one.

On the app, you have full access to all IGTV videos. On the web, you can only see videos posted by people you follow. What makes the web version better is that you can click on the video and see it in its entirety with a bigger presentation. 

With the app, you only get the first minute and then must go to IGTV to see the remainder.

Another plus, although you cannot upload videos to your profile page on the web, you can upload videos to IGTV. These videos can be between one and 60 minutes in length. You can also include a preview that appears on your page’s feed.

There Is Better Interaction with Advertisers

Instagram is known for the number of advertisements that appear on the user’s feeds. With the ability to track your every movement on smart devices, some people are reluctant to click on ads. Plus, you run the risk of loading a website that isn’t easy to navigate from a phone.

Clicking on an advertisement from Instagram’s website takes you to the website version of the company running the ad. You can get the full user experience and enjoy browsing on the site. 

By accessing ads on the website, it’s easier to bookmark the site if you want to return to it later. 

Have You Tried Instagram on the Web?

Viewing Instagram on Web Browsers doesn’t mean you’re old and out of the loop. There are various reasons why people prefer accessing their favorite social media platforms on their laptops.

Don’t forget to check back often to never miss our latest posts! 

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