Xiaomi MIUI 9 is coming with new feature and release date

xiaomi miui-9 coming new feature release date


Xiaomi  is one of the most popular brands in the world of smartphone and devices. The xiaomi main think about their phone is their phone version that MIUI. Now recently has launched the new version that is MIUI 8 to read about MIUI 8 click here. After the great success of MIUI 8 and they have many users in worldwide now took next step that is MIUI 9 today I am telling about MIUI9 xiaomi miui-9 coming new feature release date.

As the reports xioami will start to developed MIUI 9 with new android version nougat 7.0 the size of an update will be around 1.9 GB there is no new feature in MIUI 9. The screenshot of MIUI9 has leaked the built version of while the other has 9.10.13.

xiaomi miui-9 coming new feature release date

xiaomi miui-9 coming new feature release date

MIUI 9 features

xiaomi miui-9 coming new feature release date


  • Multi windows and multi-tasking

MIUI 9 bring you a new feature that is multi windows feature you can do multitasking  on your phone with this new feature.

  • Improved notifications you can reply to

This feature is for those they want to reply the answer from notification panel you don’t need to open the app you can reply itself from notification.

  • Long battery life

This feature also includes improved methods of memory management, including which apps are allowed to run in the background they will stop and the life will increase.

  • Data saving mode

Data saving mode will be new feature of MIUI 9 this feature is available at Samsung smartphone

  • New emojis design

72 type emoji are added bringing the total  there are 1500 emoji are available on android.the design has updated to look more human rather than the cartoon.

  • Tv recording
  • Language and location
  • Better security

new and improved features and options which can help to keep all of your personal data private and secure.




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