How Xiaomi Smartphone Changed My Life (1 Reason To Success)

My personal Experience about xiaomi Smartphones and why I am suggesting you buy xiaomi phones.

Let’s start this Post. If you don’t Know me, I am Manish Ransubhe founder of  where I share all my personal experience and what I learn till now and share them through my blog.

The main topic which I cover on my blog is about blogging and make money online, which makes you guys make money online easy.

In this article, I going to share my personal experience with xiaomi phones and xiaomi’s other products.

This is not a sponsor post by xiaomi I am writing myself to share my thoughts about xiaomi.

In 2014 I heard about the blogging from one of my friends and he also doesn’t know what blogging was exactly. he said that we can make huge money from blogging without going to office from home.

I said great wow,

we should start that, And I started searching and doing research about blogging.  After a great time of research, I found that we can make money from blogging.

But I don’t know how to start and from where to start?

You are thinking that why I am sharing my blogging experience in this xiaomis post.

Because xiaomi’s phone did a huge role to start my blog,  After research,  I found that we need some money to start a basic blog with a domain name and hosting.

That was the huge amount of 3000 to 4000 rupees to start my blog at that time.  I was a student and I don’t have that much amount to buy those things I couldn’t ask my parents.

That time I have was using redmi 1S which was the best budget smartphone in 2014 so I plan to sell this phone and start my blog.

After few days my phone got sold and I get to amount around 3000 rupees the phone was of 6000 rupees so I purchased a domain Which is not available right now because the domain has got expired.

I worked on this domain and learn more things about blogging and this domain got banned by Google AdSense due to some invalid activities.

And I don’t know about affiliate marketing and so I thought this domain is no use, after few days and I purchased a new domain which is for 99 rupees from Godaddy.

And there’s start my blogging journey.

This is my small story about my blogging journey how I started my own blog by selling my smartphone.

And you got confused that why I am sharing in this post because if I couldn’t sell my phone then I couldn’t start my blog so xiaomi smartphone place huge role to start my blog and in my blogging journey.

Xiaomi Smartphone That I Used Till Now

xiaomi smartphone

So firstly I use redmi 1S which was the best budget smartphone around 6000 rupees in 2014, which xiaomi has provided 1GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal storage which was huge in that time.

The battery of that phone was also good it was 8-megapixel primary camera and 2-megapixel selfie camera with 2300 mAh of the battery.

After using this phone around 4 to5  months I sold this phone for buying a domain and hosting.

After few months I purchase a new smartphone known has xiaomi redmi 2S which was the quite similar with xiaomi redmi 1S and the difference in this phone as and they have provided to 2GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage and the everything was same.

This phone I used around 6 to 7 months and I sold out this phone.

After selling this phone I jump to the xiaomi MI 4i which was the best phone that time with 3GB Ram plus 32GB internal storage with a 16-megapixel rear camera with dual-tone flash,  5-megapixel selfie camera with 3120 mAh of the battery which makes of phone fully loaded.

This phone has fallen in the water and got damage I visited the MI service center to replace the screen and Touchpad he said it cost around 9000 rupees.

Because that time Xiaomi has launched a new smartphone xiaomi redmi 4 and 4A its cost was around 9000 rupees with 3GB Ram 32GB storage.

I thought why should I waste my 9000 rupees on the old smartphone instead of that I can buy a new smartphone.

In 2017 I bought xiaomi redmi 4 which was a fabulous phone with 2.5 D glass 4 GB of RAM and 64GB of internal with 4000 MH battery which was battery phone in India.

Till now few months I used Xiaomi redmi 4. And I jump to the  Honor because it was a classy look and beautiful phones made by the honor that is honor 7A which is a budget phone.

After purchasing this phone I realize that honor should work on his camera performance because 7A has camera performance not so good.

The phone has fallen from me from the height 3 feet and the display has totally crashed so make sure to use your phone case while using your phone.

The display quality of honor is also not good instead of that everything is good.

Now I am planning to buy redmi 6 Pro so tell me about this phone if you are using in the comment section below.

This was my personal and best experience about xiaomi smartphones and let me know about your experience which phone is used more in the comment section below and if you want to buy Assamese phone you can buy because of this phone or the best a budget phone in India.

Why Buy Xiaomi Smartphone

One of the main reason is Xiaomi smartphone is budget-friendly smartphones, They make durability and Good Smartphone.

They provide the High Features with Low Price compare with another smartphone Manufacturers.

Good and Classy Phone Designs And all phones are Good Battery Phones.

Another plus point of xiaomi smartphones is there UI that is MIUI which is easy to use and fast and customized.

That’s it about Xiaomi

New Lauched Xiaomi Smartphones

Now Realme is taking place of xiaomi redmi they are launching budget smartphone compare to xiaomi redmi

Here Are The Phones Which Launched By Realme

Let me Know about today post in comment session below and share this post with all your Xiaomi Friends.

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